3 Reasons Why June Is the Perfect Month for Carpet Cleaning

3 Reasons Why June Is the Perfect Month for Carpet Cleaning - Fresh Air Furnace - Furnace and Duct Cleaning Calgary

Winter is finally gone, which means no more snow, grit, and salt for your family or your pets drag into the house. Summer is the time to get the carpet cleaned to remove all the dirt that’s been tracked into the home and has accumulated during winter and prepare your carpet for the rest of the year. Even if you can’t see the stains, soil, and pollutants on your carpet, doesn’t mean it’s not there! It’s still wearing away at your carpet and potentially contaminating your home.

Reduce the Wear and Tear to Your Carpet!

You may not think cleaning your carpet every now and then is that important, but it does have an impact on its durability. After all, carpet is fabric, just like your clothes, so why wouldn’t you clean it? Like your clothes, your carpet needs periodic cleaning to maintain it. June is the perfect month to do it. During the past months, dirt and dust will have worked its way deep into your carpet. Just by walking on the carpet, these particles will act like miniature grindstones wearing away at the fabric. With regular cleaning, this wear can be reduced, thus increasing the longevity of your carpet and dramatically delaying the need for costly carpet replacement. Professional carpet cleaning will not only extend the life of your carpeting, but also make your home feel cleaner. The wear and tear of the carpet fibres will cause a distortion in its form, but when you clean it regularly, you freshen up the fibres and make it look new again!

Protect Your Home from Allergies!

Cleaning your carpet in June will also provide legitimate health benefits to your family. Along with the dirt that’s been carried in during the past few months, there’s also been a multitude of allergens dragged in. The majority of these allergens can be removed by a thorough, professional cleaning, such as that provided by Fresh Air Furnace Services. Summer is not only a time to enjoy the warm weather, but also to get the dirt, pollen, and other allergens that have been tracked into your home during spring out of the carpets. Heat, humidity, dust, and pollen can have a big impact on the air quality in your home, and cleaning your carpets will help minimize those effects. Unfortunately, vacuuming your carpet is not enough to deeply cleanse your carpet; it can even bring the dirt, pollen, and other allergens close to the carpet surface without removing them, causing allergies and irritation to flare up.

Make Sure Your Carpet Isn’t Full of Mold or Bugs!

Carpet attracts dirt, mold, and even dust mites that come from outside air or transfer from your shoes. Carpets trap particles within its fibres, making it a good breeding site for mold or fungus. The warmth of the material prompts their growth. Mold in the carpet can cause irritation on the skin, especially for your children and pets, who tend to spend more time on the ground. With professional carpet cleaning, you discourage the formation of molds in the carpet fibres. Insects are also a common sight in the summer, and the dirt and dust that have accumulated in the carpet fibres are attractive to them. Having your carpets cleaned in the summer will remove these attractions and insects that have already made it into your home. When you put off getting your carpets cleaned, these insects will start eating up the fibres in the material of your carpet and ruin your investment. They can also create a foul smell in the house that is very hard to get rid of!

June is the perfect month to have your carpet cleaned. While you may only be thinking about going out and enjoying the sun, it’s important to bring in the professionals and get your carpet cleaned. Now is the ideal time to give a call to our experts at Fresh Air Furnace Services and get your carpet cleaned!





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