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Fresh Air Furnace is offering the NEST Thermostat E and NEST Protect installations together at $599. Not only that, but we’re offering FREE Google Home Mini compatible with all NEST products, to the first 3 customers to take advantage of this offer! You’ll be able to control your new NEST technology with simple voice commands, on top of using the NEST app on your phone receive alerts, control your NEST products remotely, and more.

Please note that additional charges apply if additional wiring and connections are required. Make sure you speak with your technician regarding the full estimate for your NEST installation.

NEST Thermostat E

The NEST Thermostat E is one of the best smart thermostats when you want to adjust the temperature with ease while you’re on the go, while also tracking your energy history and the quality of your HVAC system.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

  •  Adjust the temperature from anywhere.
    (At work, on your way home or even while you’re in bed)
  •  Worried that during the cold winter months your pipes might freeze? Work with ease knowing you can see what the temperature is at home on your smartphone.
  •  Looking to save money on your heating & cooling bill? NEST Smart Thermostats are designed for just that. You can let NEST set a schedule for you, or you can design one yourself. This includes turning the temperature up an hour before your alarm, turning the temperature down while you’re catching some sleep and even getting the temperature just right for when you arrive home from work.

NEST Protect

The NEST Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is the perfect addition to any home.  Instead of a loud alarm going off when you’ve burnt your toast or if there is a real fire or carbon monoxide scare, NEST Protect will not only send you a notification straight to your phone, but the actual equipment will speak to tell you if it’s a smoke alarm or if it detects carbon monoxide and in which room. “Alert: There is smoke in the kitchen” 

NEST Protect not only tells you what is happening, it also allows you to silence it straight from your phone. If you don’t hear the warning go off for a total of two times, the traditional alarm will sound. 





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