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Here is a rhetorical question for you: Do you get dry skin during the long Calgary winters? Of course you do! Sometimes no amount of lotion can cure this dryness! However, it still amazes us to see how many people don’t have the proper level of humidity in their homes. What are the benefits? Healthy skin; more cooperative hair; relief from allergies, cold, flu, and asthma symptoms—humidity soothes dryness and irritation of the sinuses, throat, eyes, and skin. Proper humidity levels also work behind the scenes to prevent cracks and bowing in hardwood floors, improve the look and longevity of furniture, and decrease creaks and squeaks around the house. (After all, our homes are all made of wood, which requires proper humidity to breathe!)

Not to mention, humid air retains heat better, so you can stay warmer longer. It’s like a little piece of Mexico in Calgary!

Air Purifier

Remember those HVAC “friends” (AKA the mites) we talked about in the sanitization section? Keep them from returning to your home by installing a UV Air Treatment System right inside your HVAC system. A UV system ensures all air circulated in your home will be disinfected, whether your furnace is on or not. Now if they can just make a similar invention for in-laws!

Combustion Intake Air Damper

Imagine driving your car in the winter, heat on full blast and windows open. Seems rather pointless, right? So why would you do the same thing in your home?

All homes are equipped with a combustion air system that carries air directly into your furnace from outside. This means that in the winter, you constantly have freezing cold air coming into your house. Our Hoyme Combustion Fresh Air Dampers allow you to close this air intake automatically and open it on demand to let air in when your furnace needs it.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep your family safe and have peace of mind knowing you’ll be alerted should deadly carbon monoxide strike in your home. This odourless gas can have moderate to serious effects—from headaches and dizziness to coma and death.

Add a carbon monoxide detector to your home today.



Fresh Air Furnace Services