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Here in Canada, our lives are dependent on our furnaces running reliably throughout the winter months. While there may be a furnace repair person available to come fix your furnace if you wake up shivering in the middle of January, we advise Canadians be proactive to avoid stressful emergencies. Here are just a few reasons you should seriously consider an annual Furnace Inspections. 

Carbon Monoxide.

Most Canadians know they need to have a carbon monoxide detector, but they may not know why. Carbon monoxide is an invisible and scentless gas which is responsible for more fatal accidental poisonings in North America than any other substance. While some everyday devices create carbon monoxide as part of their normal function — like your barbeque or vehicle, many appliances have the potential to create this gas when they begin to malfunction. For example, if your furnace begins to burn less efficiently without enough oxygen, it may very well begin to produce carbon monoxide gas and put your family’s lives at risk. An annual inspection will help to catch any problems before they arrive and reduce the risk of harm.

Meet Manufacturer Demands.

Most manufacturers explicitly void their warranties on any furnaces that are not annually inspected. If your furnace is defective and you wish to make a claim from the manufacturer, you’ll need to prove you’ve met the manufacturer’s minimum standard of care for your furnace. Before you skip your annual furnace inspection, ensure it won’t void your warranty.

 Improved Efficiency.

You may even find that in the long run, your furnace inspections save you money. Your inspector will be able to give you advice on keeping your furnace running more efficiently. They may recommend replacing your filter more often or having your furnace or ducts cleaned to reduce stress on the furnace. The expert help of your inspector can help your furnace to avoid breakdowns and last for years longer.

Prevent Failure.

Most importantly for all Canadians, annual furnace inspections will greatly reduce the chances that your furnace will fail in the middle of winter. Furnaces rarely go out with a bang; typically there will be signs and symptoms (like odd smells or sounds) that a reliable, reputable inspector will notice.

If you want to avoid a furnace emergency this winter, ensure you have a trusted team come by your home to perform a thorough furnace inspection. Contact Fresh Air Furnace Services today to learn more about preventing furnace failure, improving efficiency, and keeping your family safe and warm all winter long.



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