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While a broken furnace in July may not be an emergency, waking up to no heat in January is certainly a problem. In general, we recommend being proactive and scheduling annual furnace inspections to greatly reduce your risk of failure, but furnaces can only run for so long. Even the best-maintained furnace will eventually break down, and you’ll need an experienced Furnace Repairs team that you trust to come to your home and get the heat running. 

Furnace is Noisy.

One of the first symptoms that have many Calgarians running for their cell phone is a furnace that’s making odd noises. A malfunctioning furnace can make a variety of noises from loud metal-on-metal sounds to squeals or even a bang whenever the furnace turns on. You shouldn’t ignore any of these noises.

Furnace is Smelly.

Another common reason we receive a call is a family’s furnace has started to smell weird. While a little bit of burnt dust smell is expected in fall or winter when the furnace begins after a long summer of sitting, other smells are more worrying. A musty smell may mean that mold has contaminated your filter, changing or washing the filter should alleviate any mold smells. If not, you’ll need help from an expert. Other scents you should be on the nose-out for are burnt oil or plastic, smoke, or sulfur.

Not Enough Heat.

The final symptom that has Calgarians calling us is an obvious one — the furnace just isn’t producing enough heat. There are a lot of reasons why a furnace may not be working properly. If you’re lucky, it’ll be something minor like the ducts or filter being clogged. But it’s always a good idea to have an expert take a look. Otherwise, your furnace may decide to give up for real in the middle of a blizzard.

Why we do suggest you take note of a reputable furnace repair company that’s willing to service emergencies 24/7, for everyday tune ups or repairs, a punctual and efficient team who can come to your home at a convenient time is all you need. In order to best serve Calgarians, we’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 8AM to 5PM. So whether your furnace is stinky, noisy, or just not producing enough heat, give us a call today to schedule your furnace repair!



Fresh Air Furnace Services