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Smoke detectors haven’t evolved much from the classical Frisbee like devices we all know. One of the few exceptions is the Nest Protect. Nest’s answer to a smoke detector is a connected gadget that looks great and has plenty of cool features. The Nest Protect combines smoke and CO detection in a single unit. There are two types of smoke detection technology: photoelectric sensors or ionization sensors. Photoelectric sensors detect “smoldering” fires, while ionization sensors mostly only detect “flaming” fires. The latter sometimes results only in a detection delay; the alarm will sound eventually, but not always. Ionization detectors also have a reputation for false alarms, which are the one of the main reasons people disconnect their smoke alarms.

How It Works

The Nest Protect addresses this problem from a new angle. It’s based on standard photoelectric tech that sees smoke by shining beams through a “smoke chamber” and detecting how much light gets scattered by airborne particles within. Traditional photoelectric detectors use infrared light with the same wavelength as the Protect. While this works well for detecting large smoke particles, it doesn’t as well for burning items like pine wood or newspaper produce smaller particles. The Protect adds an additional blue LED, which has a shorter wavelength. Blue light will detect smaller particles, such as those of smoke, unlike infrared which only detects bigger particles.


All smoke alarms feature a loud blaring tone to alert you to potential dangers in your home. Nest Protect goes a step further by adding voice alerts that calmly tell you what kind of danger is present, where it is and how to proceed. If you have multiple Nest Protect smoke alarms installed and networked in your home, alerts will sound on each of them, warning everyone in your home about the danger. When Nest Protect detects threats in your home, it will send a notification directly to your smartphone or tablet. These real-time notifications allow you to handle the situation from wherever you are – you won’t always be home when disaster strikes – and contact local emergency services if necessary.

Nest Protect is one of the best device on the market. It has outstanding detection capabilities and innovative voice and mobile alerts that let you know exactly what threat your home is facing and how to proceed. If there is an emergency in your home, you’ll know within seconds. It’s extremely intuitive to set up and connect to the internet. Its high compatibility with third-party products is a huge bonus as well.

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