Top 3 Causes of Furnace Failure

Top 3 Causes of Furnace Failure - Fresh Air Furnace - Duct and Furnace Cleaning Calgary

The worst time for your furnace breaking down is during winter. It is especially frustrating if you knew it could have been prevented. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your furnace inspected to make sure it’s in good working order. There can be different reasons for your furnace to break, but here are the three most common reasons for failure:

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

The air filter in your furnace is used to prevent dust and other particles from being circulated throughout your home. However, that’s not its only purpose—it also helps your furnace operate properly. If the air filter gets clogged by too much dust, it can prevent the air from circulating freely and renders the furnace inoperable. To prevent this, it’s important to regularly check your filter, have it cleaned, and replace it if it’s clogged or damaged.

Issues with Natural Gas

Most Albertans use furnaces that are fuelled by natural gas. Those types of furnaces either have a pilot light or an electrical ignition system. If it fails, a gas-fuelled furnace will not be able to ignite the burners, which in turn means no heat for your home. It’s important to have the pilot light/electrical ignition system checked at least annually to avoid failure. Another issue with natural gas fuelled furnaces is that a problem with the fuel supply will cause the furnace to fail. When that’s the case, it’s essential to contact a professional since natural gases are extremely volatile and toxic. If you’re having issues related to gas lines, call our experts at Fresh Air Furnace Services to have it checked out!

Blower Motor Failure

An important piece of equipment in your furnace is the blower motor, or fan motor, which allows for the air to circulate throughout your home. If it breaks, your furnace will still ignite and heat up the air, but a failed blower motor won’t circulate the warm air. To make sure your furnace works properly and your home is warmed, have your fan motors, belts, and bearings regularly inspected, and any faulty or weary piece of equipment replaced.

You need regular inspections and maintenance for your furnace in order to make sure it doesn’t break down when you need it most. Be it a clogged air filter, issues with natural gas fuelled furnace, or if your blower motor fails, these are the most common causes of furnace failure. Call our experts today at Fresh Air Furnace Services to have them inspect your furnace!





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