Here Are the Reasons You Need a Central Humidifier in Your Home!

Here Are the Reasons You Need a Central Humidifier in Your Home! - Fresh Air Furnace - Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services

Most Albertans know what a humidifier is, but what exactly is a central humidifier? The main difference is that a central humidifier is built directly into your HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system and controls the humidity levels of your entire home. It’s the most effective type of home humidifier. During our long Canadian winters, constantly heating our homes and workplaces can cause the air to dry out. The decrease in humidity can leave hair and skin dry, as well as cause breathing problems in young children, seniors, and those with more delicate respiratory systems. Having a central humidifier in your house helps to keep your home’s humidity level at about 40%. This is the ideal humidity for most people, and will keep your family comfortable without leading to mould problems.

Your Health

A higher level of humidity in your home doesn’t just help with some existing health issues; it can even prevent others. The tiny hairs in our noses move better in a humid environment, which in turn block bacteria and viruses from entering our bodies. This prevents colds and flus, and reduces the chance of nosebleeds. For those who are already ill, higher humidity levels also reduce symptoms of colds and flu, such as sore throat, dry nose, and difficulty breathing. When the humidity is too low, mucus can’t travel properly in the sinuses. This leads to congestion, which brings sinus pain. Maintaining adequate humidity won’t prevent you from ever getting ill, but it can help you avoid illness, and it helps you stay comfortable as you fight off the virus.

Beautiful Skin and Hair

While heating your home during winter is essential, it doesn’t mean your body is happy about it. In addition to a dry nose, the ambient air can also damage your hair and skin. Dry air leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy, causes flakes, and even (when exposed repeatedly to dryness) accelerates aging. Lack of humidity can also make your lips chap more easily. If you or a family member notices any of these symptoms during the colder months, we want you to know there is a solution. A humidifier will help keep your skin and hair moist and healthy, preventing flakes and itching.

Pay Less on Your Utility Bills

The colder the temperature outside, the more it costs you to keep your home warm. While you know the bills have to rise to keep up with the cold of winter, you can actually use a central humidifier to help keep your home warmer without raising the thermostat. The more moisture you have in the air, the warmer your home will feel. You’ll still need to heat your house, but a humidifier can definitely help you save some money. When the air is humid instead of dry, you’ll notice that you can keep your house a few degrees colder at night and then more gradually raise the temperature back up during the day. This way your furnace won’t require as much energy.

Having a central humidifier can be beneficial to your health, helping you avoid and combat viruses such as the flu, keeping your hair and skin healthy and moisturized, and keeping your home warmer for less. In our opinion, investing in a central humidifier is a no brainer. If you agree, we welcome you to contact our HVAC experts today at (403) 452-9528.





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