Three Reasons to get Your Furnace Chimney Cleaned!

Three Reasons to get Your Furnace Chimney Cleaned! - Fresh Air Furnace - Furnace Cleaning Calgary

Families all across Canada depend on various heating appliances to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, each year some of these homes are damaged by faulty equipment. Failing to recognize when your furnace chimney needs a good cleaning can leave your home with no heat during winter or, worse, a house fire.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe!

As a homeowner, your priority is keeping your home and family safe and cozy warm during winter. Your furnace chimney is an important part of your HVAC system and allows warm air to circulate throughout your house. When it’s in good working order and clean, your chimney ensures that the airflow circulates, your HVAC equipment doesn’t overheat, and the air in your home stays clean. When your chimney isn’t maintained, air won’t circulate as well and your HVAC system can overheat. Dust is also extremely flammable, so accumulated grime on the inside of the chimney can be all it takes to spark a fire, which can then expand through the air vents to the rest of your home. A regular furnace chimney cleaning can greatly reduce your risk of a house fire.

Heat Your Home More Efficiently!

Your furnace can become less efficient when it’s not cleaned regularly enough. Most of us think of furnaces as just pumping warm air throughout our homes, but furnaces also filter the air to ensure it’s clean. Dirt, dust, dander, hair, and more fall of people, pets, everything! They move with the flow of air through your home and into your furnace filter where they accumulate over time. All this gunk also clogs your air vents if it’s never properly cleaned away. This means even something simple, like circulating the air through your home, will have your furnace working harder.

No one wants to spend money wasting more energy than necessary to heat their home, but you’ve probably seen your energy bill rising with every year’s worth of dust. Gas hasn’t gone up that much, so if your energy bill keeps rising, it’s probably due to inefficiencies from built up dirt and grime. Two other things that can cause a clogged chimney or vents, are rodents and insects. Ensuring your HVAC system is regularly cleaned, will keep out the vermin, help your furnace run more efficiently, and provide your home with cleaner air. To ensure that your HVAC system is cleaned frequently enough, have the experts of Fresh Air Furnace Services inspect and sanitize it today.

To Prevent Costly Repairs!

The longer you wait to have your furnace chimney cleaned, the more work it will need. Waiting also raises the chance of having your furnace malfunction, which can mean costly repairs. As your HVAC system overworks itself and wear and tear accumulates on components, you will find yourself needing to replace your HVAC system in part or whole prematurely. In the long run, this generally turns out more expensive than simply having the system cleaned annually. A thorough furnace chimney cleaning can help our team of specialist at Fresh Air Furnace Services detect minor issues, before they can become bigger.

Don’t wait for your furnace to malfunction. Keep your furnace chimney clean; keep your home and family safe and warm during the cold winter months. Call 403-452-9528 to schedule an appointment with Fresh Air Furnace Services.





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