End the Summer with Clean Carpets!

End the Summer with Clean Carpets! - Fresh Air Furnace - Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to schedule a carpet cleaning again. During the summer, children are likely running in and out of the house, often while still wearing their dirty shoes. The same goes for pets that lie outside on the grass or dirt, and then will lie on your carpet. As children return to school, it becomes easier to keep your carpet clean. With no more dirt and germs tracked from the outside and left all over your carpet, it’s the perfect time to give Fresh Air Furnace Services a call for a professional cleaning service.

Why Do You Need Professional Help To Clean Your Carpet?

You may think it’s something you can do by yourself, but did you know that using regular cleaning products on your carpet can actually allow dirt to accumulate on your carpet more heavily? Residue from the carpet cleaning solution builds up within your carpet fibres, attracting new dirt that crosses its path. By attempting to clean manually, you’ll most likely only end up pushing the dirt downwards and not actually removing it. At Fresh Air Furnace Services, we use the Rotovac DHX, one of the most powerful cleaning machines on the market. It will thoroughly clean your carpet using a solution that goes deep into the fabric and dissolving residues accumulated in it, as well as extracting whatever dirt is trapped in the fibres, leaving no allergens or irritants behind.

Get It Over and Done With!

As summer comes to an end, you want to focus on relaxing and spending time with your family. While the beginning of school marks a good time to clean your carpet because your kids won’t be dirtying your home so much, it also means that your schedule is about to get more busy. Calling now to schedule your end-of-summer carpet cleaning means you’ll have more available time slots for you to choose. You can then schedule the cleaning during the first weeks of school before you have too many school related activities scheduled. What’s more, think of it as one thing less to do before school starts. Once you make the appointment, you can check it off your to-do list and focus on all that comes with the start of the school year. Even if you don’t have children, fall is usually a busy time for many people getting ready for the holidays, so you might as well schedule your cleaning before the rush.

How to Prep Your Carpet for Cleaning!

There are several steps you can take to prep your carpet before you have it cleaned by professionals. It obviously depends on how dirty it is. First, move all your furniture out of the way of the carpet to make it easier for the professionals. Then, be sure to vacuum before they arrive and to spot stains or spills that you want them to clean so you’ll be able to point them out to the cleaning crew. Finally, if you spill something, don’t just let it sit there as it will stain more. Clean it right away; even if you don’t have the best products available, you can easily use products you have in your home such as: baking powder, club soda, vinegar, or lemon. Then when our experts come to clean your carpet, they’ll clean it thoroughly!

It’s good to regularly vacuum your carpet so as not to let dirt accumulate and seep deep into the fibres. Have your family remove their shoes when they come into the house and protect the entrance with a mat so they can wipe their feet. This will keep your carpet fresh in between professional cleanings. However, nothing replaces a good job by our professionals, so give us a call at Fresh Air Furnace Services today: 403-452-9528!





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