All You Need To Know About Sanitizing All The Fabrics In Your House!

All You Need To Know About Sanitizing All The Fabrics In Your House! - Fresh Air Furnace - Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services

Fresh Air Furnace Services’ carpet cleaning service will not only wash your carpets, but also your mattresses and fabric furniture. While laundering fabrics, vacuuming, and spot cleaning sofas or mattresses can keep them looking and smelling fresh, it will not remove heavy soiling from substances that promote the growth of germs. By sanitizing all the fabrics in your home, you might just be able to extend their lifespan!

Could Dirty Fabrics be a Hazard to Your Health?

You know when you have a family member that has been home sick lying on the couch or in the bed? Ever wonder what they leave behind? The answer is all sorts of germs. While you can easily disinfect your counters, door knobs, or sheets, it’s not so easily done for your furniture. Having those germs hanging around your house can cause recurrent sickness and allergies, which is why it’s important to properly sanitize those fabrics. The problem is that many products that are advertised as germ-killing are really not all that effective. Simply spraying some disinfectant on your couch or in the room will not give it the deep cleanse it needs.

Keep Your Furniture Looking Good!

Not only does sanitizing your fabrics keep them germ-free, it will also make them last longer. Professional deep cleaning will extend the lifespan of your fabrics and keep looking new. You can think of it as an expense that will, in the long-term, save you more money. It will keep dirt from building up in your furniture over time, which can affect the color and look of your fabrics. Fine particles of soils can, with time, sift deep into the layers of the fabric, especially if they are not vacuumed often enough. Those are potential allergens and contaminants that you need to remove from your house.

Some Good Measures to Take in Between Cleanings!

While it’s important to have professionals cleaning your fabrics from time to time, you should still do some cleaning yourself. Vacuuming is the most important! If you do it regularly, it reduces the amount of dirt that will accumulate in your house’s fabrics. If you leave it be, the dirt goes deeper and deeper into the fabric with time, ultimately making it harder to clean and damaging your belongings. Another important step is to use a spray-on detergent that’s appropriate for your fabric type so as not to discolour or otherwise damage it.

However, the best thing you can do for your carpet, mattress, or furniture is to get help from a professional. They’ll help you eliminate bacteria and viruses that could be lodging in your house’s fabrics. This can sometimes be the unknown cause of illness or allergies in your home. Another thing that getting help from cleaning professionals will do is rejuvenate your fabrics. For all of this, give Fresh Air Furnace Services a call at 403-452-9528 to start restoring and cleaning your fabrics!





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