What Makes Rotovac DHX the Best Solution for Carpet Cleaning?

What Makes Rotovac DHX the Best Solution for Carpet Cleaning? - Fresh Air Furnace Calgary - Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Most carpet cleaners use a manual scrub wand that require physical labour to use and can only clean from two directions. The Rotovac DHX is an electric power tool that can clean far better than a manual wand and requires much less physical labour to operate. It is lightweight (only 39 lbs), has counter rotating cleaning heads, variable rotation speeds, a range of interchangeable heads for carpet cleaning, and operates in an up and back motion like an upright vacuum cleaner.

Why Is It Better Than Using a Wand?

Comparing a manual wand to the Rotovac DHX is like comparing a hand saw to an electric saw. Rotovac has transformed a back and forth manual task into something much more practical and efficient that works using a rotating mechanism. In the days before carpet cleaning technology got really clever, pros were forced to make do with a manual scrubbing method to get dirt out of your floors. With rotary extractors such as the Rotovac DHX, that’s no longer the case. It has dual motors to provide your carpet with a thorough cleaning from all directions and produces better cleaning results with far less operator fatigue. With a manual wand, the results will vary according to how much effort and strength is put into it.

How Does It Work?

The Rotovac DHX employs a patented of Rotary Jet Extraction cleaning process. Each stainless steel cleaning head has three spray jets followed by three vacuum slots. The counter-rotating cleaning heads of the Rotovac allow it to glide back and forth over the carpet with an easy one-handed operation, much like how you would use a regular upright vacuum cleaner. It is capable of producing hundreds of wet and dry passes over your carpet’s surface every minute – this means it works substantially harder than passing over the carpet with a carpet wand. This results in a much deeper clean for carpets.

Will It Work on all Types of Carpets?

What’s great is that the Rotovac DHX works on all types of carpets! It has a carpet pile height adjustment wheel which allows it to work on all installed over-pad carpets. Carpets come in a variety of materials, the most popular being nylon and wool. The Rotovac DHX has a variable head speed control dial that allows it to adapt to all carpet types. Some carpets may need a slower head speed for smooth operation and maximum recovery, while others need a faster head speed for best results!

The Rotovac DHX is one of the bests rotary extractors on the market. It’s much more efficient than using a manual wand, both in terms of how well it cleans and the amount of effort put into it! It’s easy to use. Similar to an upright vacuum cleaner, it has that familiar back and forth movement, and there’s not as much physical labour involved. Finally, it’s important to note that it will clean all different types of carpets, regardless of the fabric or thickness.

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